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Go Deep Band
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9:30PM on Tuesday JULY 28th, 2009

"Go Deep" the Christian Rock Band will be performing in a Live Concert
at the Kalahari Resort in the scenic tourist area of Wisconsin Dells!

Exit 92 from Interstate 90-94
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World Faith Conferrence
Come and Stay at Local Hotels & Enjoy WaterParks by Day:
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Kalahari Resort

Pastors Dave & Kathy GonzalezDavid Gonzalez Ministries invites you to the second annual World Faith Conference! This may very well be the most important week of your life. There are three major reasons why you should attend; the Speakers we have invited, the Anointing and Truth you will receive, and the quality family time you can enjoy.

First, we have assembled the very best of the cutting-edge teachers and preachers in the country and in the Midwest. God is raising up new leaders that are the sons and daughters of our fathers in the faith. These anointed speakers and teachers in the Word of Faith community will for 3 days increase your Faith level 100 percent! Anointed by God & filled with the Holy Spirit, these tested men and women of God will tell the truth, directly from the Holy Bible.

Second, unwavering truth always brings the anointing, and the anointing always breaks the yoke. God wants a fresh wind to sweep across the Midwest with His power. For too long we have not had the intense teachings that our brothers and sisters in the South have enjoyed for over 100 years. This is our time, for God has seen the hunger of His people here and has responded to their heart cry "God, bring the fire here, we want more of you in our lives!" Experience the Holy Word of God with no legalism and no scriptures taken out of context; just facts and freedom as they are recorded in the Bible.

Third, You will have time to rest and relax and enjoy your family, and have time to hear the word of God, like you may have never heard it spoken before! This resort is the premier travel location for the entire Midwest. With the largest indoor waterpark in the country, superior service and rooms, and plenty to do for the whole family; you will hear, grow, and rest in the Lord. The Dells is the 5th largest tourist attraction in the country, boasting over 8,000 hotel rooms, 3,200 campsites, good clean family entertainment, and fresh air! Should you choose to stay at a different hotel than the one of the event, you'll with ease find anything for your budget and needs. The Wisconsin Dells has over 400 stores and attractions for shopping, unlimited and exciting entertainment activities, and over 80 restaurants, all of it set in the beautiful wilderness of central Wisconsin.

We encourage you to visit the web sites of each of our speakers; open your heart and pray in expectation for the anointing you will receive, and the freedom that can only be felt with Hope, Faith and the Grace of God.

2009 Line Up of Speakers:

  1. Pastor David J Gonzalez [Web Site]
  2. Dr. Larry Ollison [Web Site]
  3. Pastor Mark A. Thomas [Web Site]
  4. Dr. Mark T. Barclay [Web Site]
  5. Pastor Darrell Sutton [Web Site]
  6. Dr. Dennis Burke [Web Site]
  7. Pastor Kathy Gonzalez [Web Site]

Music Ministry to be provided by "Go Deep" [Web Site]
Go Deep takes modern worship to a brand new level. This "Word" band plays only songs and lyrics that are bible based and faith filled. They have created a new genre of upbeat worship that brings Gods people from the "alone to the Throne"! They will help give this conference unrestrained worship and praise to God our Father.


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